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Python script to fix messed up “Date Added” in XBMC / Kodi

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I recently switched from MediaPortal to XBMC on my living room HTPC. I was using MediaPortal for a long time. But unfortunately it got more and more unstable from release to release. So I gave XBMC a try and so far I am pretty satisfied with it. I really like how fast it is.

When I add movies to the library, XBMC sets “Date Added” to the file creation date. That is exactly how I like it. I am using 3rd party tools to add movies to the library which are not automatically recognized by XBMC itself (e.g. XBNE). I just added a lot of movies with XBNE. Worked great. Unfortunately XBNE added them with the current date in “Date Added”.

So I wrote a simple python script which goes through all movies in the library’s database and changes “Date Added” to the file’s last modification date.

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Geo Relocate Firefox Extention

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The other day I wrote about my experiments with Firefox’s implementation of the W3C geo location API.

I was able to package my modifications as a Firefox Extension, which anybody can use to the change the coordinates reported by the geo location API. Check it out at the Geo Location Firefox Extension project page.